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‘School is out for the summer, no school for the next three months,’ was all I could think about the entire ride home from school! The last day of school, that is. I had so much planned; I couldn’t even wait to get started. There was one thing my friend Amanda and I have had planned since February, to attend the concert of a lifetime. We were really looking forward to it, she was counting down the days and I was counting every single dime I saved. The concert was on June 16th, only two weeks away. As I continued to think about how it would turn out; I practically jumped off the bus when it reached my stop. I ran all the way down my street, towards my house and up the driveway. Amanda was in charge of getting the tickets so I was in a hurry to see if she called with the 411 on what was going down. She didn’t, I figured she hadn’t arrived home yet; so I decided to go get a glass of lemonade from the fridge, set up one of the chairs out back, and let the dogs out while I was at it.

             It was beautiful outside; it was only noon because we always had a half day on the last day of school. I threw my feet on the table in front of me and leaned back in my chair, letting the warm sun hit my face while the breeze brush through my hair. I thought to myself, ‘I’m not going to let anything ruin my summer.’ Just then I heard the phone ring from inside; I almost fell on my face trying to get to the phone. I ran in leaving the door open; grabbed the phone and looked at the caller I.D. It was Amanda! I clicked talk and said, “Hey Amanda.” She starts yelling, “Chelsea, I have the worst news in the world!” I had pulled the phone away from my ears, “ok Amanda, take a deep breath and relax. Now without yelling, calmly explain to me what’s wrong.” “The Tokio Hotel Concert…it’s…SOLD –OUT!” “What? That can’t be, they just started selling them two days ago.” “It is, I went to get them and it said that all their New York concerts were sold-out.” I thought for a moment, “Well that just means they’re sold-out at the ticket booths. They have to have at least a few at the door.” “Maybe…” was all I heard her say. “Ok, here’s the plan, we tell your mom that we have the tickets, have her drive us to New York and buy we’ll by the tickets, for real, at the door.” That’s all I could come up with at the moment. “I don’t know Chelsea.” “Oh come on Amanda, live a little, please…do it for Bill!” I figured that might get her to crack. “Ok, I guess we could give it a shot.” I squealed a little over my excited, “Great, I’ll have my mother drop me off at your house later; we have a lot to plan in only two weeks!” “Ok, I’ll see you soon Chels, bye.” “Bye!”  I hung the phone up and ran to my room, but stopped in my tracks. I realized I had left the back door open when I ran in to see who was calling. After shutting the backdoor and checking on the dogs, I headed straight for my room.

                  It was around 5:00 when I arrived at Amanda’s house. She was outside on her front step waiting for me. We exchanged hugs and went inside, without stopping we continued until we had reached her room. Amanda sat on her bed while I took a seat on the floor. She looked kind of nervous about something so I asked, “Is there something wrong Amanda?”  She glanced up at me, “Well, I’m sort of, doubting this whole plan of yours.” “Amanda, I know this plan might sound like I landed on my head, but come on. I mean we’ve waited for this for a long time.” “I know, but what if this doesn’t work?” I thought about what to say before I spoke, “Well, at least we can say we tried instead of giving up.”  She still, looked doubtful, “your right, so what else do you have planned?”  “Hmm, we still have to figure out what to wear.” “Oh yeah, any ideas,” she asked questioningly? “I have a plenty of ideas, HELLO, you’re talking to the fashion queen,” I told her letting out a giggle. She too smiled at my statement. After about an hour we had practically pulled out every single piece of clothing in Amanda’s closet. We hadn’t found anything; no one. I got a little frustrated, but pulled myself together. “OK, Amanda, we’ll just have to go SHOPPING!”  “Shopping,” she asked a little unsure? “Yes, of course. Don’t you want to look spectacular for Bill?” “Yeah, I do.” “Well then it’s settled, we shall go to the mall. How does tomorrow night sound?” “Great, can’t wait.” It was about time for my mother to be arriving to pick me up, so we decided to just sit and talk none stop about Tokio Hotel and how amazing it would be if we got the chance to meet them.
This is all i have so far, but i promise there will be more real soon. And i know it might seem alittle boring at the moments, but it will get exciting!!
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Kirsty2010dodgs Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
Hey i just finished reading this story and i think it is have a talent. Is there some sequel following this? I would like to know what happens with Tom
musime13th Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
love <3 this is the 4th time i read the hole thing all over
AngelBabi92 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009
Im glad you enjoy it sooo much! :D
I only have one last chapter to add before it is all complete.
musime13th Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
awesome, cant wait!
YAOIfangirl4ever Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008   Photographer
i like it so far!! im a new fan of Tokio Hotel so im trying to find all the fanfictiosn i can lol i like yours so far^^
AngelBabi92 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
thank you that means a lot!! :)
TokioMoonlight Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
yeah ^^
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